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Interpreting Agency

Sign language interpreters in Sussex and surrounding areas

Working with Deaf and hearing people in a variety of settings

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Welcome to BSL Link for Communication


BSL Link for Communication is an interpreting agency providing professional NRCPD registered Sign Language Interpreters and other Language Service Professionals (LSPs) in Sussex and the South East.

We also offer Deafblind interpreters, Relay interpreters, Electronic Notetakers, Speech to Text Reporters, Manual Notetakers and Lipspeakers.

Our LSPs are experienced in working with Deaf and hearing people in a variety of settings including:


  • Employment; interviews, assessments, training, meetings etc

  • Community; medical, Social Services, CAB, weddings, funerals etc

  • Legal; solicitors, police, court, tribunals etc

  • Education; parents evenings, lectures, meetings etc

  • Theatre and conferences etc


Please use the menu above to find out more about us and to access other useful information relevant to our interpreting services.